Dawn’s Full Bio

A Parent Coach On A Mission

A Parent Coach On A Mission

 MEET DAWN ROTH: Visionary, Parent Coach

Dawn Roth is the founder & innovative force behind the Parent Coaching Company, Licensed 2 Parent.  Their mission is to cause a monumental shift in parenting as we know it! 

Dawn’s formal education & training encompasses a human development focus with a B.A. in Elementary Education from Eckerd College. She has provided training for educators, management for teachers and tutoring support for students from Elementary through High School.

Over the past 20 years, Dawn has been supporting families both publicly & privately.  After guiding so many families to solutions that worked, she became sought out by parents for her practical approach.  While taking on a community service project, she chose to launch a series of workshops for parents to empower them with innovative ways to successfully and joyfully parent.  In creating that curriculum, she realized she had something unique.  The results were so impactful, parents continued to demand more from her.  In response to that need, she has expanded and evolved her program into what you will get a taste of at her new seminar:  The Parenting Crash Course. 

Dawn knows that the Study of Power Struggles is the key for families to operate in a new way.  Using interactive techniques, she shares insights that: reveal the nature of Power Struggles, reduce the number you deal with daily and resolve the ones that do occur with a win/win for both child and parent.  She is currently at work on her first book on this topic.

If you have a school-age child and want to know the technical errors you may be making, you will want to attend her program.  Repeat, you do not have to be in crisis to make a difference for your child, your family, or yourself!

Dawn shares the Licensed 2 Parent program with parents to show families how to implement simple systems that eliminate arguments and create more peace and cooperation at home.  Who doesn’t want that?


To hear what families are saying about Dawn’s impact, check out the testimonials on her website or blog!





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