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Writing the Parenting Book Just Got Easier!

Finding the Time to Write

Finding the Time to Write

Check out my new widget for my Dr Wicked Writing Lab!  It is under the links on the right.

So cool to have found this tool for writers.  If you are writing, or know someone who is, check it out.  It times you, then if you stop typing, it uses color, nasty audio alerts and even an untype feature to keep you on track for the time or word count you enter!

Then you just copy it to your word doc and you are good to go!  I really did 800 words in 35 min as it says! I’m using it everyday now!  The book will be out sooner than expected now…


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Confessions of A Parent Coach

Frustration happens... then what?

Frustration happens... then what?

Struggles of a parent coach.  Hey, it happens!  I was sucked into rage and upset and directed it at my son.  This devastating moment happened when his cousin got hurt.  My nephew was bleeding, screaming and crying but my son was too busy defending himself (and his actions) to be concerned with that.  I really blew it, parent-wise.  SO where do I go from there?

Same as I would tell any parent, assess where things went downhill, create a calm moment to revist and debrief, choose the lesson for both and don’t forget to apologize, a few times!  When I told my son that I was sorry, he told me it was OK to make mistakes.  We got complete, learned a coping skill and moved on.  The nephew is ok too, thanks for asking!



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Parent Coaching Tip: Use Agreements, Lose Rules

This video is hilarious!  What a talented way to illustrate why we coach parents to make agreements with kids instead of thinking up the next “great” rule then telling your family about it.  Funny is funny because it hits close to home.  Unfortunately, this 3 minute string of Mom-isms shows how we come off sounding when we rely on rules, nagging and “SHOULD sandwiches with MUSTard!” to get the parenting  job done.

Open your parenting mind and see what other options you have to raise a person with coping skills… but first enjoy this video because it is true fun!  Hint: educate yourself about making Agreements instead.  Totally cool & way better results!



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Dawn Roth: Parent Coach

I put this together to underscore how it can be A Beautiful World when you have a family that works…
Parent well!

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Dawn Roth

My mission is to cause a monumental shift in parenting as we know it! Wanna help?

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