Parent Coaching Tip: Bust Out Of The Victim Parent Trap

March 4, 2009 at 3:15 am Leave a comment

Fill in the blank.  My child is ________________. 

What are you dealing with?  My child is sneaky, stubborn, demanding, lazy, sensitive, ungrateful…  sigh.

Think about who fills in the blank.  That’s you!  A mindful, skilled parent sees a stubborn child and knows that they can fill in the blank with another skill too!  How about cooperative?  Considerate?  Inspired?  Independent?  Industrious? 

You can't choose your neighbors

You can't choose your neighbors

The trick or game of parenting is to see what is needed in the blank and then provide experiences, opportunities and practice with those things.  It is a whole different approach to bringing up a child.  You are creating an adult by the way.  One that may work for me, marry into my family, buy a house next door or cause a fender bender on my way to work.  The experience I have with that adult you produce will be informed by what you have put into your own little blank.  Choose well.  And thanks in advance.

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